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Volunteering with West Howe Community Enterprises

We would be nothing without our volunteers! Volunteers give around 200 hours a week of their time to help run activities, events, Howe Tasty Café, the Inspiring Change shop and West Howe Community Fridge.

In return, we offer qualifications, training and the ability to shape how West Howe Community Enterprises runs. It's great to learn new skills, make friends and be at the heart of the West Howe Community.

"Volunteering to me is about being part of the community supporting each other through the good and bad times, the laughter and the tears. As the community we are, I know there is always someone's shoulder to lean on".

- Kathy, West Howe Community Fridge Coordinator and Volunteer Champion

"For me, volunteering means I have a purpose in life and something to get out of bed for. I meet such lovely people within our community and it gives me a chance to 'pay it forward'. I enjoy being able to help people of all walks of life. It helps with my mental health because I am not sat at home dwelling on negatives. I have such a fun time when I am volunteering; I smile on the inside as well as on the outside."

- Teresa, Welcome Volunteer and Volunteer Champion

Howe Tasty Café 

Volunteers in our Howe Tasty Café work with our wonderful cooks, Nicola and Lisa. The role may include the following, but we can adapt it as needed: customer service, taking orders, preparing food and drinks, clearing tables, and cleaning. Volunteers also bake the incredible cakes available to buy in the Café.

For more information about the Café, click here 


Inspiring Change Shop

Volunteers in the Inspiring Change shop work with the brilliant shop manager, Tracy. The role may include some of the following: customer service, sorting donations, steaming clothes, and keeping the shop clean and tidy.

For more information about the Inspiring Change Shop, click here 


West Howe Community Fridge

West Howe Community Fridge runs Monday to Thursday, 12 - 2pm. Volunteers work with Kathy, our fantastic Community Fridge Coordinator. There are several different roles undertaken by volunteers.

Volunteer Drivers - these are the people who collect food donated by supermarkets and bring it to the Henry Brown. Without them, there would be no food for the Community Fridge!

Fridge Day Volunteers - these are the volunteers who upload food, sort it, put it away, assist people using the fridge and keep it organised, clear up and put everything away!

For more information about the Community Fridge, click here

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