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The Community Fridge

Our Community Fridge is run by Kathy, our Fridge Co-ordinator, and a team of Volunteers.  

The Community Fridge is for everyone and there is no referral needed. The purpose of the Fridge is to stop surplus food from going to landfill and at the same time save the community money. 


We ask everyone to bring bags and containers with you please. 


In the last 8 months we have completed 1,500 collections of food and saved 62.232kgs of food from landfill. Attending one Fridge session per week can save you around £13 - £15. 


The Fridge has the highest number of volunteer hours of any of our activities, with around 100 hours needed per week to ensure food reaches the community, and 100 miles driven to collect food. 

Please do not queue before 11.30am. 

Opening times:
Mondays and Thursdays 12 – 2pm

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